22 sty 2010

Book guide part 1.

Thanks to my nice student from Guatemala I read quite interesting memoirs from the 90's in the back country of Poland. Irishman Tom Galvin came to Poland as a young volunteer in order to teach English at a public school in Mińsk Mazowiecki. He hadn't known what to expect and of course austere conditions surprised him a lot. As social and transport infrastructure in so called "Poland B" was and is rather plain, living and working there was challenging. How he managed to stay 5 years? As many foreigners he found here love. His future wife lived in Mińsk and also because of her he became more interested in our country. Probably they are still together - all the best!

The book is amusing and portrays Poles in a warm way. In the eyes of a foreigner Polish hospitality isn't a stereotype but remains real and precious. Tom Galvin observed also changes in Poland, our accession to the European Union and mass emigration to Ireland for work and money. When he came back home, Poles started to arrive. Our cultures seem to be not so distant and they will probably mix more in the future.

So worth reading! The only thing I can't accept are misspellings in almost every Polish word! A Pole should have read it before publication because it looks terribly. Sometimes I also do proofreading - send it to me before the second edition!

My second puzzle for you is: what does the title "There's an Egg in my Soup" refer to?

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