26 sty 2010



That's enough! At night -22 C in Warsaw and -28 C in the Mazovia countryside:/ During the day it's sunny but the temperature isn't much higher. It's not typical, last winter was for sure warmer!

I can't put more clothes on as I have 2 pairs of trousers and 4 layers on the top. Who doesn't have to go outside, stays at home. Social life is in danger - cars don't want to work and in some buses and trams there's no heating. How is that possible that in public transportation there's no heating? Well, it's not that it doesn't work, it was never installed! The oldest trams in Warsaw are these and we hate them most. They were produced from 1959 till 1969 and still 247
carriages are doing well:/ Step by step they are replaced by new ones but I don't know why I always encounter them on my routes in the winter time. On the other hand, the new ones are terrible during summer because of extremely inconvenient windows. In my opinion their designers have never used public transportation! Probably they have no idea how people feel in +30 C and no draught inside the carriage. Think about a crowd and stink around you! Here you have an example of this ingenuity. You can't open windows properly. Don't count on air condition - if you're lucky maybe once a week in the city center you will find a tram which offers this pleasure;)

Sorry about my grumbling but I want to prepare you if you choose trams in Warsaw. The best option is always of course underground but in 25 years Poles were able to build only 22 stations in Warsaw. I will write more about Polish slowness in construction works!

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