22 sty 2010

Is Polish language really extremely difficult?


No dobrze, it depends. I can guarantee that if you speak any other European language* (and you do) learning Polish won't be a traumatic experience. Many times you will be even surprised. On this map you can see what are the language groups around the world. In Europe most languages are somehow connected. It's hard to imagine how many loanwords there are in every language. Poles have borrowed a lot from Latin, French, Italian, German and nowadays - English (examples here ). I'm always happy when foreigners discover it during the lessons.

Not only vocabulary is similar in Europe. Slavonic grammars' descriptions are based on Latin. You can be also familiar with some idioms and use of the language.

And what about the Polish pronunciation? Well, I understand that words like "dźwięk", "szczotka" or "powyłamywanymi" can discourage in the beginning. But once you know how to read, you won't have problems. It's not like in English when also native speakers aren't sure how to pronounce a new word;) In Polish you can read everything by yourself. I'm a teacher - believe me.

Of course if you are a Slav or speak any other Slavic language, your potential difficulties with Polish will be easy to overcome. But not only Slavs are able to say that Polish is quite easy, the same told me my motivated Portuguese student:)

So don't be scared, it's not so bad!

* Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian and Basque (Euskara) don't belong to the Indo-European group and I don't know what similarities you can find between them and Polish. Maybe you could write me something about that?

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