7 sty 2010

K+M+B 2010

You can see this inscription on some door in Poland. What is it?

For Christians* the 6th of January is the day of the Epiphany of Jesus Christ (Swięto Objawienia Pańskiego). In Poland it's rather called the Three Kings' Day (Dzień Trzech Króli) - who due to the legend visited newborn Jesus and brought him gifts. I think that most Poles consider these 3 letters as kings' names - Kacper, Melchior, Baltazar in Polish. But in reality it's something completely different. Originally it should be C+M+B which is in Latin "Christus mansionem benedicat" – let Christ bless this house. Pluses are in fact crosses. = sign is completely redundant but it maintains a part of the Polish tradition. The inscription is written with chalk (consecrated in church) every year at the 6th of January in order to give home symbolical protection. As secularization of Poland is progressing, especially in big cities this inscription is disappearing.

* there are differences between churches

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  1. great article. i totally forgot what this ment. thanks for the reminder

  2. nice i got to know in very short and concise manner. thanks.