28 sty 2010

Polish films in English in Etnokino in Warsaw

Good news! Etnokino in The State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw presents another series of Polish films with English subtitles. You have a chance to see Polish classic with Jerzy Stuhr - a really great actor.

This is what I received in the newsletter (I'm just copying!):

01.02.2010: TOP DOG/WODZIREJ – reż. Feliks Falk, Polska, 1977, 104 min.
08.02.2010: CITIZEN PISZCZYK/ OBYWATEL PISZCZYK – reż. Andrzej Kotkowski, Polska, 1988, 101 min.
15.02.2010: CHANCE/ SZANSA – reż. Feliks Falk, Polska, 1979, 85 min.
22.02.2010: HERO OF THE YEAR/BOHATER ROKU – reż. Feliks Falk, Polska, 1986, 115 min.

TOP DOG - Lutek Danielak works for the provincial branch of hotels company „Estrada”. He is the sixth in the hierarchy of dance leaders and masters of parties organized for children and pensioners. When he hears about the great opening ball in the „Lux” hotel he is determined to be its dance leader. He knows he is good, but so are his competitors. Everyone understands this is an unique opportunity to start a career. Danielak's advantage is his young age. Although his manager promises to support him with a slogan „time for young” Danielak decides to eliminate rivals by his own means.

CITIZEN PISZCZYK - The film is a continuation of a famous Polish film „Bad Luck”. The action takes place during the period of social transformation that had started with Stalin's death. We observe the figure of a loser and washout who can't find himself in the new reality. He is a typical example of anti-hero; a coward who only tries to make good impression ending with the reverse result. The film is a bitter satire on totalitarian system.

THE CHANCE - Life in the eighties depicted through the conflict and competition between two teachers in a high school. One teaches history and the other - sports. The latter organize a handball team and motivates students to participate. Everyone is pleased with his activity but he starts to get students away from learning and their other hobbies. He is so determined to be in control of their lives, so he even uses blackmail. The history teacher stands for them and by helping them he demonstrates use of democratic solutions and freedom of opinion.

HERO OF THE YEAR - The film is a continuation of famous „Top Dog”. The character from the first film - Lutek Danielak - loses his job in television and works as leather clothes salesman. However, he didn't forget about aspirations he had and tries to get into the entertainment industry again and appear at front pages of popular magazines. His ideas result from the concept of television; that it might transform a simple man into a national celebrity. The film describes the sick nature of television as well as the dark sides of human soul.

Tickets for 10 zł.

The State Ethnographic Museum
Warsaw, ul. Kredytowa 1
tel.: 609 525 756

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