16 sty 2010

Polish movies - what to watch?

It will be only a first small note, I don't want to write a history of Polish cinematography, I wouldn't even try.

Maybe you've heard something about the Polish Film School (check Wiki)? Maybe you know Polish directors: Andrzej Wajda, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Roman Polański or Agnieszka Holland? Or maybe you haven't seen anything yet? There is a lot to see!

I was thinking about my list of top Polish movies ever. In fact it's quite difficult to create. There is one of 100 films made by a lot of people here. For sure I haven't seen everything so my suggestions for you are very subjective. There is no order.

1. Komedia

"Miś" - top comedy from the times of communism. Absurd and smart! You can see how that system really functioned.

"Rejs" - experimental comedy which takes place on a boat.

"Dziewczyny do wzięcia" - also black and white about girls who look for love in a big city.

"Kiler" - Poland after transformation - very funny gangster plot, you can compare it to "Miś" and see what has changed and what hasn't.

2. Komediodramat

"Dzień świra" - presents life of a Polish teacher in public school and deals with Polish myths.

"Wesele" (by W. Smarzowski, not A. Wajda) - one of the most drastic movies about Poles, you are left with a rather bad mood.

3. Dramat

"Zero" - about men and women in contemporary Poland.

"Masz na imię Justine" - shocking history of a Polish girl sold in Germany as a prostitute.

4. Film historyczny/kostiumowy

"Pianista" - presents the history of Polish Jew Władysław Szpilman during the WW II, based on his book.

"Ziemia obiecana" - adaptation of XIXth century Polish novel about early capitalism in the international city of Łódź. Wajda can make a masterpiece even from a mediocre text!

"Rękopis znaleziony w Saragossie" - adaptation of a very weird XVIIIth century novel written by Jan Potocki in French. Action takes place in Spain.

"Popiół i diament" - my favourite Wajda's one. Mediocre novel but fanstastic movie about chaos in Poland just after the WW II. It's not easy to understand who is who so be patient.

"Potop" - adventure and romance during XVIIth century wars in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.

"Gorączka" - the beginning of XXth century in non-existent Poland in the eyes of young revolutionists.

4. Film obyczajowy (everyday life)

"Sztuczki" - nice and warm family history.

"Panny z Wilka" - one man's return to the past, lyric and sad but beautiful.

I still haven't seen "Eroica", "Europa, Europa", "Plac Zbawiciela", "Kanał", "Symetria" and "Dom zły"! But I can recommend them to you;)

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