17 sty 2010

Polish vodka - polska wódka

I found a very interesting short documentary in English about the vodka wars between Poland and Russia. The name is a bit exagerrated because the problem isn't that big - Poles are really not familiar with this topic. From time to time we can hear about new plans of how to convince international consumers that vodka should be spelled "wódka" or it should be registered as an alcohol made only from grain, rye, wheat, potatoes, or sugar beet molasses (we failed in the EU). Discussion with Russia on who first made vodka is for me only the next method to show independence/domination because the problem cannot be solved as there are not many written sources from the Middle Ages. It's a part of not serious local nationalism. Of course in Poland they tell you that there is no better brand than Wyborowa, Żołądkowa Gorzka, Luksusowa or Żubrówka. In Russia they will praise their own.

In the field of drinking I'm completely not Polish because I don't like alcohol;) I never drink vodka (even on weddings;) and everybody got used to it. Do Poles drink a lot? Well, it's not something typical only for us. The problem here is that there is a huge pressure on drinking. It's especially dangerous for teenagers who often feel forced to show off on parties. And sometimes for foreigners;) But if you enjoy it, come to Poland, you will be warmly welcomed:)

In the movie you can hear the word "gorzała". It's a very old term for wódka. It's still in use also as a friendly diminutive "gorzałka". It's colloquial so better avoid it in very official situations:)

See the film. Polish dialogues are not translated so you can listen to the language.

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