12 sty 2010

WOŚP - The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

Since 1993 January is in Poland a month of a massive civil movement called The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Great Finale (Finał Wielkiej Orkiestry Świątecznej Pomocy). It was established in order to collect money for children in hospitals. Everybody knows how difficult it is. How can you convince people to give money on a massive scale? One man did this in Poland! His name is Jerzy Owsiak and he became a celebrity (which doesn't happen often in NGO sector). He changed people's attitude to charity. It started to be entertaining and trendy! He engaged young people and even children are now volunteers. One Sunday in the whole country there are concerts and other lively events. Every media are reporting how much money was donated and on what it will be spend. This year the finale was dedicated to children’s oncology. Medical equipment is terribly expensive and Polish poor hospitals can hardly buy what is needed. Poles buy it themselves via the WOŚP Foundation. This year in one day it was possible to collect around 36 million zlotys (in Poland there are around 38 mln citizens!). Check the other incredible achievements of WOŚP here.

Red heart is a symbol of WOŚP movement. Everybody who gives money, receives a sticker. We are proud to wear it!

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