13 lut 2010

Book guide part 2.

"Mazowia Heart of Poland - Leksykon Mazowsza" - book with CD-ROM

Today self-promotion - I'm presenting you work done recently by my father and stepmother - Bogdan i Agnieszka Wawrzyńczyk. Their aim was to promote Mazovia region because it's not considered as a touristic attraction. I was born in Warsaw and I'm really interested what is going on around but my knowledge about places worth seeing in Mazowsze was very limited. I learnt a lot! The book is short and concise, I recommend it with pleasure! It's written in Polish and English.

Inside you will find:

- General information about Poland
- Geography, nature, history of Mazovia
- Culture, science and economy
- Tourism, Mazovia TOP - 100 most fascinating and unique places
- Chopin’s Mazovia
- List of counties and municipalities of Mazovia

On CD-ROM there are also:

- "Leksykon powiatów Polski" ("Lexicon of Polish Powiats", 232 pages in Polish), a book prepared in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy in 2003
- maps of Poland and Mazovia
- the alphabetical list of Mazovia’s cities and municipalities with links to their websites!

You can order the book here: propolonia at post.pl

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  1. Dziekuje Bardzo, ale gdzie w amazon?! Are there any plans to put to ksiaska on Amazon?


    Patryk Gruszka

    Ps. thank you for writing such an interesting blog. I read it often.

  2. I guess no but we can send it to you from Poland.

    Thank you:)