3 lut 2010

Interesting article about Warsaw + tips for travellers

From the magazine "Podróże". Nice pics! Because it's in Polish I will present you the main points. It's a kind of guide for travellers who find themselves in the Polish capital city. So here is the advice with my comments:

1. Don't start your trip on Dworzec Centralny - the main train station. Come to Warsaw by plane, bus, car or bike. Leave this place for the end - we don't want you to be scared or prejudiced in the beginnging;) For me going there is an obligatory extreme experience but you have to be prepared for the smell, dirt and other visual attractions. For Euro 2012 Dworzec Centralny should be renovated but it will be only a face-lifting. So if you want to see its present charm, hurry up!:)

2. See Warsaw from the top: you can choose between Pałac Kultury i Nauki, Mariott Hotel or many lower places like Biblioteka Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego.

3. Don't treat Warsaw equally with other Northern cities. Don't say it's ugly, many people from Warsaw are really sensitive on this matter (for example me:). Why? Because we appreciate the fact that is exists. Remember that it's a new city, was almost completely rebuilt and not only Poles decided what to built and where. Warsaw inhabitants are very nostalgic about the pre-war city. Check it on youtube. Here you can see what was left from Warsaw in 1945.

4. Even dull and ugly places can surpise you - in Bródno district in the park famous artists (Paweł Althamer, Olafur Eliasson, Rirkrit Tiravanija and Monika Sosnowska) designed "Park of Sculpture".

5. Warsaw can be seen as a big gallery as there are many small art iniciatives on the streets and in alternative places. Look around!

6. ul. Mokotowska - yes yes yes! Trendy shops and unique atmosphere. Also Old Praga is starting to attract fine shopoholics.

7. A large number of Vietnamese people lives in Warsaw. They have their own places in which you can taste this Asian culture.

8. One of the Polish top words is "prowizorka" which is a colloquial version of "makeshift". It represents Polish culture and its characteristic fatalism - why bother and end things that have been started - let's leave them as they are. It's based on the assumption that we have no influence on our surroundings and somebody will take our work for granted. In Warsaw you can see many places which need finishing.

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