11 lut 2010

Learning Polish - videos

I'm very glad that learning Polish is getting more and more popular. 20 years ago Polish borders at last opened and now many Poles go abroad and many foreigners come to our country. On the web the number of useful materials to learn Polish is growing. Today I will focus only on videos.

On Youtube you will find mostly materials for beginners: to learn alphabet, numerals and useful everyday phrases. I recommend them especially if you don't have contact with a native speaker - you can learn how to pronounce. I like best materials done by a very interesting German-Polish NGO Solar Net International. Some of them are a bit ridiculous, e.g. teaching how to pronounce "a" with the word "antychryst";) Or somewhere you will find mistakes. But I really appreciate their work:

The problem starts when you want something more developed. I'm rather exacting and can hardly recommend you anything apart from mentioned Solar Net. I know it's easy to critize - making this kind of videos is for sure not bułka z masłem*. So if you have any ideas - create!

I enjoyed this simple but funny video on vocabulary connected with family life:

Polish Lesson in Marriage for Beginners from Bartek Dziadosz on Vimeo.

* "breadroll with butter" - Polish idiom for something very easy

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  1. Hej! Czy kiedykolwiek zwracał uwagę, że twoje pisanie umiejętności już lepiej w ostatnim czasie?

  2. That is a really great video, it really shows how to learn easy. I also do easy polish learning at http://preply.com/en/polish-by-skype and your videos have been helpful to me.