21 lut 2010

New movies

This weekend I went twice to the cinema. I could go even the third time because there's a lot to see now in Poland.

1) A Roman Polański's new film "Ghost Writer" is a really intelligent and amusing thriller. Smart, funny, with professional cast and crew. Pleasure to watch! The trailer looks very "American style" but fortunately the films isn't exactly like this (which means e.g. no happy ending). I enjoyed the colour of this movie - everything is dark and grey.

Not only the director is a Polish element - Paweł Edelman is behind the camera. He did many great movies (Polish and international) and received many prizes.

NEWS! Roman Polański won best director prize - "Silver Bear" trophy - in Berlin for "Ghost Writer".

2) The second movie "Wszystko, co kocham" ("Everything I love") by Jacek Borcuch wasn't that good. I read only very positive reviews so I was a bit dissapointed. I don't want to discourage you from seeing it - my friends like it. The action takes place in Gdańsk in 1981 - when Martial law was introduced because of growing power of political opposition (here you will find more info about it). Polish history is only the background. The main character in the film is a teenager who plays punk rock with his band and discovers love and sex. He's of course rebellious and does something against communists. For me it's a little to shallow but watch it and decide for yourself.

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