7 lut 2010

Norman Davies on Polish history

Brief and touching! For me this voice is something new. Even though it's very positive for Poles it's not typical Polish point of view. In Poland through the process of school education people are taucht how "polishness" has been preserved for ages and that it's a great value, there's no time and often will to show more aspects of historical events. We repeat the frase that Poles were rather tolerant for foreigners and believers of different religions but we lack the lesson for the future. This short movie with Norman Davies should be presented at every school in Poland. Of course he could be accused of idealism as Polish Catholics have always dominated in this country but he shows that coexistence was not only possible but also brought value. The idea of Polish contribution to democratic systems is worth spreading because it's not well-known.

Norman Davies - a British historian interested especially in the history of Central Europe. A polonophile, wrote many books about Poland, has a Polish wife.

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