27 lut 2010

Theatre plays with English subtitles

I have always thought about why not to offer theatre plays for non-Polish speakers who live in Poland. Dear Expats, for sure some of you would like to see Polish performances:) Now there's an opportunity! At last Teatr Narodowy (National Theatre) in Warsaw provides English subtitles for some plays on the biggest scene. You will find no info on their website, I noticed it in the ad in Gazeta Wyborcza. So probably the only way is to ask directly what is going on.

In March you have:

3.03. "Iwanow" - a very interesting psychological play by Antoni Czechow (XIXth century Russian author)

11.03. "Umowa, czyli Łajdak ukarany" ("La Fausse Suivante, ou le Fourbe puni") - a XVIIIth century French comedy by Pierre de Marivaux

14.03. "Opowiadania dla dzieci" ("Stories for Children") - a fantastic tale about pre-war Jewish community in Poland by Isaac Bashevis Singer. Take your kids with you! It's apart 7 years old but I would say from 5. Children and adults in every age will have a great time.

I'm a theatre addict and I saw all of them. For me the best is the third one and it's not because of the local patriotism;) It's wonderful and unforgettable. The director Piotr Cieplak received 2 prizes deservedly.

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  1. Subtitles can be great, but also distracting. Here, where I live, the Santa Fe Opera has little screens in front of every seat (operas are rarely in English, and even then, hard to understand every word). I find myself turning my screen off, and glancing at screens a few rows ahead (still visible) -- reading and taking-in a performance at the same time tangle my brain too heavily.

  2. Of course you must be very concentrated. That's why I encourage to learn Polish:)