8 lut 2010

Tłusty czwartek - Fat Thursday

Today you can eat without thinking about calories:) Tłusty czwartek it's a joyful holiday based on the Catholic tradition. It starts the last week of Carnival. You can eat a lot because next Wednesday is Środa Popielcowa - the beginning of Lent (Wielki Post in Polish). Lent lasts 40 days and if you're a Catholic you should stop enjoying your life so much;) All these holidays are connected with Easter so they are moving. Next year Tłusty czwartek will be on the 3rd of March - be prepared!

Due to the tradition on Tłusty czwaterk Poles eat pączki (on the photo above) and faworki. About 100 million pączki are produced (3 for every citizen) this day. You can buy them all year but only today there are queues in cukiernia (pastry shop). You can also make them at home. Here you will find a video in English. And here - instruction for faworki in Polish.

Pączki are delicious especially with rose marmalade. You can fill them with anything: jam, chocolate, cream. In Poland the most popular is fruit marmalade. In Warsaw it's easier to buy good pączki then perfect faworki. I'm still looking for the best cukiernia.


Useful vocabulary:

cukier puder
obżerać się
Środa Popielcowa
Wielki Post

Listening exercise about Tłusty czwartek on Youtube.

6 komentarzy:

  1. Why is it that the rest of the Catholic world has a 'fat Tuesday' (lit. Mardi Gras) while Poland over-indulges five days earlier?

  2. No, we aren't lonely - check this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fat_Thursday.

  3. I missed it!! but I've seen pączki in Polish shops in Belgium all year round...

  4. I take it back then! (Ignorance due to being brought up with Polish roots in the UK).

    I'd like to see pączki stuffed with chickpeas and dhal with a tandoori glaze.

  5. We have "Tłusty Czwartek" and "Ostatki" on the last Tuesday preceeding the Ash Wednesday and the lent.
    It means we start on Fat Friday and finish on Last Wednesday". One day is not enough fo Poles. In Poland the last week of carnival was imporant. It was the last moment to find a husband during the bals.