30 mar 2010

1% of tax

If you pay taxes in Poland you have the opportunity to take away 1% from the state and donate it to the chosen NGO which has the status of Organizacja Pożytku Publicznego (OPP). This wonderful idea promotes NGO and encourages people to share. I can't imagine that somebody could ignore it, you really make no effort. You choose the organization and write it in PIT. PIT is Personal Income Tax but it's also the name of the document in which you declare your income (1st of May is the deadline). Here you will find the list of organizations. I also recommend you NGO's portal.

If you have no idea these are my recommendations:

1. Radek Makowski. A little boy from my distant family who as a consequence of a very difficult labour has cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus. He's 4 year old and needs rehabilitation. More information about him in Polish here. You can also donate money directly for him to the bank account of the foundation.

Fundacja Pomocy Osobom Niepełnosprawnym „Słoneczko”
Stanica 33, 77-400 Złotów
KRS 0000186434
Konto: SBL Zakrzewo o/Złotów Radek
89 8944 0003 0000 2088 2000 0010
With a note: Radosław Makowski 56/M

2. Fundacja Feminoteka. Great job, great portal and bookstore.

Fundacja Feminoteka
KRS 0000242885
ul. Warecka 8/91
00-040 Warszawa
Konto: ING BSK S.A.
68 1050 1038 1000 0022 9768 3522

3. Straż dla zwierząt. The Polish version of SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). A very small organization that we can help to develop.

KRS 0000248947
Konto: 16 1090 1753 0000 0001 0481 7326

You can donate any amount of money here: 68 1090 1753 0000 0001 0806 5211

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  1. You were correct to observe in a previous comment, that perhaps I have not visited Poland for quite a while, and that great changes have taken place there recently. My last visit yo Poland was almost ten years ago. I was astounded at the changes that had occurred since the 70's; a similar pace of change, no doubt, is continuing to this day (I do read the Polish press and a lot of other online material).
    A very significant, telling symptom is the list of foundations which you list in your blog entry. Here is an area where Poland has at last entered on to the same track as other Western nations; awakening people to causes and giving them opportunities to support them -- a big break from central authority making moral decisions on behalf of all.

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