3 mar 2010

Donate blood

I realise that I have completely ignored the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. Poland was actually quite successful and had won 6 medals. But today I want to write about something different...

I always promote the idea of donating blood because you never know when you might need it – and there is always too little of it in hospitals. If you're an expat why not do it here, in Poland? Of course some people just can't do it and some will never want to share this piece of their body but if you hesitate why not try?

Don't believe in myths!

1) The process of donation is 100% safe and you can't become infected. Hygienic conditions at the donation stations are excellent.

2) It's not painful and, in most cases, soon after, you will feel very well.

3) Every donor is carefully examined. You will be asked to fill out a form about your health. Your blood will be tested for STIs and hematocrit. It's worth donating, if only to get these results. Your pulse, blood pressure and body temperature will be also evaluated.

4) It is not true that after one donation (450 ml) your body will produce more blood. You don't have to donate regularly, but why not? Men can safely do it six times a year, and women, four times a year.

5) Following the donation, you will be offered some juice, a chocolate bar and 8 chocolates.

By law, if you donate blood during office hours, it is considered an excused absence. You will not be paid, but you can deduct the value of your donated blood from your income tax, i.e.,130 zł for each one donated litre.

While in Warsaw, it's best to go to ul. Saska 63/75. If you don't speak Polish, consider going with somebody who does.

For details see Wiki and Krewniacy.

6 komentarzy:

  1. 450 ml! That's very nearly an armful!

    Sorry, old Tony Hancock joke, couldn't resist.

  2. If you donate less that will be also ok. Don't be afraid:)

  3. In Australia, many people give 470ml of blood during their lunch-hour four times a year, and are back at work that afternoon. All these have proved that blood donation is with no harm to human body.

  4. I dream about holidays in Australia, I can also donate my blood there:)

  5. Is it possible for a Canadian to donate blood while in Poland (either in Wroclaw or Warsaw)? I am not allowed to donate blood in Canada because of a technicality of a rule many consider discriminatory - i.e. the men who have had sex with a man rule (I was sexually assaulted by a man once in my life, five years ago, and have been tested for diseases several times since). I expect to be in Poland in around a month, and it would be nice to get to help save someone's life!

    Cheers, Scott (snicol@gmail.com)

    1. Dear Scott, sorry for a very late reply. Have you tried to do this? I really don't know what the Polish health care will decide. Generaly MSM are not discriminated and they donate blood.