1 mar 2010

How to promote Polish cities?

I won't give the answer but only show some ideas. Maybe we could start a small discussion? I chose the best videos (in my opinion). Unfortunately, you have to make an effort to find them and this isn't exactly the mainstream. Ads that you can find on BBC and CNN won't tell you a lot about the country because they mostly lack the voice or promote only very modern Poland. I don't know why exactly golf in Poland is highly recommended, I wouldn't come here for that.

I prefer to get info than just watch some nice pictures. Chopin was used too many times, we need to be more creative. Let's start with Gdańsk for business - long but informative.

The second one is new. It was made in order to promote Warsaw but probably it won't be used because decision makers don't like the idea of Warsaw as the provinces of Europe. But why not, it's at least something original!

And the winner is Zielona Góra! A funny movie about the city in Western Poland. Unfortunately only in Polish! It's a big avi file but worth downloading! HERE.

Which one do you like most?

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