15 mar 2010

Nasza zima zła!

Dear Anonim, you read in my mind - I wanted to write about the counterattack of winter. We really don't remember heavy snowing in March. My patience has come to an end and even though it's very beautiful outside I hate snow! Today I got up at 6:00 and immediately started to take pictures in order to make evidence. The sun and snow were shining and it was -5. But something has changed - the sun doesn't disappear at 8:00 (like before) and lasts a bit longer.

I want to stop wearing winter coat (it's my companion since October which was frosty) and avoid wellingtons - needless to say, snow melts and there's water everywhere. At least WKD (Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa) is reliable:

And here nice trees. It reminds me Christmas, let's do this once again! I can decorate the tree and prepare barszcz czerwony.

For fun an audio passage from Maria Konopnicka's poem for children. It's from the XIXth century but my generation knows it.

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