17 mar 2010

On cheese once again

Food turns out to be the hottest topic here! I must write about it more often:)

Dear Michael, I haven't written that Poland is the kingdom of cheese. I agree completely - we don't have much to brag about. For some reason Poles are more original in the field of sheep milk (oscypek, redykołka, bryndza, bundz). More info about them in Wiki.

We copy products from abroad quite well. I also like Polish cheap feta and blue cheese. We have a not bad copy of Old Dutch Master which is called Bursztyn. I haven't tried yet Stary Olęder and Ser Carski but it could be something like Old Amsterdam - my favourite.

Poles like żółty ser (on the photo) - gouda, morski, edamski, salami, zamojski. Indeed many brands are tasteless (I must admit I eat only Western żółty ser). Maybe that's why żółty ser always appears in sandwiches with something on top like ketchup, mayonnaise, vegetables, cold meat or even honey or jam. I especially like it with plum jam. Would you eat it? Many Poles I know wouldn't;)

Digression: I never buy jam, I eat only one made at home. My grandma has spoiled me. Now I make it for myself. Probably I can't live without blackcurrant and apricot jam. Ach!

I'm not a fan of ser topiony (processed cheese?) but it's also popular in Poland. I use it sometimes to prepare my family's lighter version of leczo (Hungarian lecsó).

In Poland there was no tradition of celebrating cheese, only Poles who went abroad eat it alone or sometimes like French for dessert. It's changing because we have more and more brands and get to know new styles of eating. 20 years ago few Poles ate feta, mozarella, parmesan, ricotta, cheddar. We're glad that we have such a big assortment now.

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  1. Paulina - I entirely agree with your analysis of why Polish cheese-making is in the state it is in, and that tastes of Poles are rapidly becoming more cosmopolitan and sophisticated.

    Now... how about a wędliny thread? Here's something that Poland really can boast about :-)

  2. You mention Cheddar almost as an afterthought. Here, in America, where taste has been thoughtfully eliminated from most foods, Cheddar is the official yellow cheese; other cheeses have to hunted down in obscure, distant shops that specialize in un-American produce.
    What you write is very good news. I'm looking forward to my next trip to Poland.

  3. Michael - yes, I have to write about wędliny:)

    Ryszard - I don't know how long you haven't been to Poland but in the big cities changes in every field are rapid!