28 mar 2010

Spring ritual + cultural reflection

Every year after painful winter Poles want to breathe. That's obvious that we go out more often, choose outdoor sports and just enjoy the sun. But there's also a lot to be done at home. Yes, it's time for wiosenne porządki - the spring-cleaning. We have more energy and want to tidy up everything in order to feel reborn. Ordinary dusting furniture isn't enough. It's better to mobilize and throw away and give to charity all unnecessary things, sort out clothes, clean windows and beat carpets. In the past there was a huge washing before Easter but now fortunately we don't have to wait in order to launder in the river;)

Cleaning reminded me of a funny situation my friend experienced abroad. She was asked if in Poland we know what a dishwasher is. It's nothing wrong in the fact that most people in the world know nothing about Poland and some of them consider this country as a very very developing. But maybe sometimes it's better to keep some questions for yourself? It applies to every culture. It's not that I feel offended actually not so many Poles have dishwashers. But what's the point of asking? Should we really have them? Would it make us more civilised? These kind of questions demonstrate superiority over the second nation.

But just in case let's make it clear;)

97% of Poles have a washing machine
95% a vacuum cleaner
10% a dishwasher

I found this interesting information from Główny Urząd Statystyczny in "Gazeta Wyborcza". Here you will find more statistics on what we have at home and how it's changed over last 10 years. It's also a nice vocabulary exercise:) "B.d" is "brak danych" - lack of data.
And remember that we have 2 words: "aparat fotograficzny" and "kamera". The first one is for taking pictures and the second for making movies.

3 komentarze:

  1. Yes, I absolutely consider not having a dishwasher as a sign of some kind of civilizational backwardness. There's no reason not to have one - ok, some people don't need it, but surely that group doesn't constitute for the 90% of the citizens of this country. It's tottaly injustifable to waste such amounts of fresh water and , primarily, TIME to wash your dishes. How many of us acctualy like cleaning up and how many doesn't complain about not having enough time to spend with their kids or energy for personal development. I thing that other nations have pretty much every right to laught at us and feel superior for polish ununderstandable lack of recogition of the very existence of dishwasher, save actually buying one.

  2. Anonimowy, I fully agree that it's a very useful mashine! It wasn't my intention to discourage people from buying it:) Poles aren't ignorants and probably at least half of them would like to have one. But the point is - lack of money and space in small kitchens. Still dishwashers are considered as something extra. What I mean is - don't show superiority over poorer people.

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