10 mar 2010

Women's and Men's Day

8th of March is the international Women's Day. Poles associate it mostly with communist times when women received a flower and a pair of tights which was always "produkt deficytowy". Polish men buy small things or flowers not only for their wives or girlfriends but also mums, grandmas, aunts, daughters, work colleagues, friends... It's really up to you.

In democratic Poland women not only receive flowers and greetings but also march on the streets in order to fight for our rights. Feminist organisations for 10 years have promoted idea of gender equality, access to the medical care and the right for a legal abortion. The walks are called Manifa and integrates many circles: feminist, LGBTQ, trade unions, left-wing parties... In every field there is something to do regarding the women's rights (women's rights are human rights!). Every year emphasis is placed on different things but the main aims are:

1) to change the very strict anti-abortion law
2) to fight violence against women
3) to provide free nursery school for every child
4) to hire a real government's Plenipotentiary for the Equal Treatment
5) to provide non-biased sex education in schools
6) to refund contraception and regulate IVF law
7) to respect the secularity of the Polish state
8) to establish parity in the elecctions (at least 50% of women on the lists)

For more info check the website of Manifa movement.

And the 10th of March is the Men's Day! Perhaps it's only in Poland because the international one is on 19th of November. Most people don't know about it but I think this idea is worth spreading. I can't accept the situation when women have only 1 day and men remaining 364... So give or say something nice to your close men:)

7 komentarzy:

  1. Excuse my correction, but you might want to change point 2) to read "to fight violence against women." At the moment it sounds like you mean 'to use violence in the fight against women.'

    10th of March? Damn, missed it.

  2. Of course, thank you! Please correct me.

  3. Thanks for the link; interesting site. There is a lot to be done in Poland, but not everything is bad: http://economix.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/03/09/the-gender-wage-gap-around-the-world/

  4. @Paulina...
    >to hire a real government's Plenipotentiary >for the Equal Treatment
    One sentence...THREE mistakes...
    1)goverment ministers are NOR hired, because they are NOT employees... they are appointed..
    2)It's not Plenipotentiary... it's Ombudsman
    Check your on-line dictionaries to find out the difference..
    3)Not 'for the Equal Treatment'.. It should read 'for Equal Treatment' as Equal Treatment is absolute & not qualified...
    In case you don't get it... You 'believe in Justice' (not the Justice), or 'God save THE Queen' (not the God save the Queen)
    English is much like Polish Women... to beautiful to treat it with such a brutal disrespect.

  5. Like most Poles I really don't get the idea of "a" and "the". There are no articles in Polish and I'm a Polish native speaker.

  6. @Paulina..
    Ignorance is no excuse. Unless of course you mean to make fun of yourself.."The Equal Treatment" you get is the opposite of Equal Treatment you insist on.

    Ucyciel co ne umia pisiać i hciacz duzho uczat' bo yezd anglisz spiker... Moya duza gratulatja!!!

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