24 kwi 2010

Book guide part 3.

Written by Ewa Lipniacka - an English Pole whose family emigrated to Britain during the WW II. She discovered her country and wrote about Polish culture in a funny way. In this series you will find books about almost all European nations and some other.

As we can read from the cover:

"Xenophobia - an irrational fear of foreigners, probably justified, always understandable". In Polish ksenofobia, ksenofob - Polish ortography is simpler than English but we don't have x and write is as ks (seks) or sometimes gz (exam - egzamin).

In my opinion xenophobes are mostly people who have never been abroad and have no contact with other cultures. When you notice that people around the world have more less the same problems and experience your fear diminishes. This kind of books help in undestanding others.

Inside you will find chapters like: Character, Manners, Eating & Drinking, Business, Leisure & Pleasure. As a Pole I haven't been aware that Poles buy A LOT of flowers or share personal opinions willingly and loudly. I knew that Poles love titles (doktor, inżynier, kierownik;) and "there is a peasant nestling in the heart of even the most noble Pole".

Even if a "national character" is an issue to be discussed I admit - I identify with this book. Worth buying and reading.

3 komentarze:

  1. An English Pole? Technically, an oxymoron. Like 'an English Scotsman'.

    A British Pole, certainly.

    I fully agree with Paulina that this book is worth reading. It was written ten years ago; I wonder whether a new edition to take in the momentuous migration to the UK would not be in order?

  2. "English Pole" appears in her short biography in the book, it's not my invention:)

    Thank you for the reminder - it was published in 1994, then revised and updated in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007. I have the 2009 edition.

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