21 kwi 2010


At last it's warmer in Poland and you can enjoy your time outside. I recommend short one or two day trips - anywhere! Even if your Polish friends tell you there's nothing to see in the surroundings don't believe them. All around the world people aren't very familiar with their own place;)

If you live in Warsaw and don't have time for travelling explore Mazowsze - the most interesting part is the north and south. But also close to Warsaw there are fantastic places like the palace in Otwock Wielki. I haven't been there but it looks great!

Check these not so well-known places!

I found a very interesting website with many e-guides in Polish. In English you will find something here and of course in the irreplaceable Trip Advisor. Virtual Tourist seems to be also ok but 49 regions in Poland existed between 1975 and 1998! Apart from 1999 we have 16 województwa (voivodeship). Shame!

On the photo: Opinogóra Górna - a representative property of the noble Krasiński family. Now the Museum of the Polish Romanticism. Exhibition only in Polish!

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