3 kwi 2010

Songs about Polish tourist places

Because of the cleaning ritual I have no time to write about Polish Easter. I will complete it soon, today I've prepared something different for you but also in the holiday mood.

Listen to this absolute classic songs, every Pole should know them. You can find lyrics here.

How Muniek Staszczyk with T.Love sees Warsaw - "Warszawa"

Freedom and nudity on the beach in Chałupy by Zbigniew Wodecki. This point on the screen shouldn't be green;) - "Chałupy welcome to"

Grzegorz Turnau in magical Kraków/Cracow - "Bracka"

The green hills of Solina by Wojciech Gąsowski - "Zielone wzgórza nad Soliną"

Winter holidays in a health resort in Tatra Mountains by the fabulous Wojciech Młynarski - "Jesteśmy na wczasach"

Have you enjoyed?:) Of course there's a lot more! Please write what other songs like this you like.

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