2 maj 2010

1st of May - Labour Day

In Poland as in many other countries some people celebrate the 1st of May as an international day of social justice and workers' rights. However for Poles these celebrations have specific associations - after the WW II the communist authorities used this day in order to show their power and friendship with the USSR. Unfortunately, the presence on impressive and colourful parades was obligatory and people who didn't want to take part were somehow punished at work or school. Some "disobedient citizens" considered the absence as a patriotic manifestation. Fortunately I don't remember these times. Here and here you can see the examples of propaganda posters. BTW I recommend you going to Kozłówka - a beautiful place on the way from Warsaw to Lublin. Among other things you will find there also a gallery of the socialist realism - socrealism.

Now on the 1st of May parades are still being organized in Poland. Left-wing parties and their allies meet there communist worshippers, trade union activits and anti-capitalists.

As in Poland the 1st and the 3rd of May are free of work they form a long weekend - długi weekend. We call it weekend majowy or majówka. In the favourable conditions you can take 3 days off and have 9 days for holidays (not this year). Many Poles plan far or close trips, grills, parties with friends on działka (a piece of land which we own, with a house or even not, not very far, where we gather, grill sausages, drink alcohol, invite close people, sometimes sleep). Conditions on działka depend of course on how much money somebody wants to invest - some of them are really classy and some don't even have a toilet.

2 komentarze:

  1. Kozłówka worth a visit - necessary to understand the nature of social realism


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