25 maj 2010

Floods in Poland

Wyrzuty sumienia = remorse! I have many ideas to write about but somehow I haven't managed to do it recently. But this week I will improve.

I must come back to the last topic. Many people suffer from the flood, thousands were evacuated and 16 died. In a few regions in Poland it really looks terrible, you can see the video here. All the local services are struggling: firemen, soldiers, also prisoners and volunteers. It's unusual that there's so much water after 3 days of rain in May. In Poland heavy rains start in the summer. The biggest flood ever was in July 1997 (56 casualties). Most vulnerable regions are Małopolska (Kraków), Podkarpacie (Rzeszów) and Dolny Śląsk (Wrocław). Warsaw was always rather safe but this year it changed - the level of Wisła is very high. There are some difficulties but fortunately caused mostly by preventive actions. Many people come to see Wisła and take pictures - "turystyka powodziowa".


powódź - flood
powodzianin (pl. powodzianie) - flood victim
klęska żywiołowa - natural disaster
ratunek - rescue
pomoc - help

If you're in danger in Poland shout "Ratunku!" or "Pomocy!".

How can we help people who lost everything? For example by giving money to the Polish Red Cross.

In 1997 the havoc was enormous. To help raising money Polish artists sang a good song by Hey and Katarzyna Nosowska "Moja i twoja nadzieja" ("My and your hope"). Video here and lyrics here.

I recommend you also a humorous comment on reporters' excessive involvement in the flood.

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