6 maj 2010

Foreigners and migrants in Poland

A foreigner:

1. obcokrajowiec (pl obcokrajowcy)

obcy (foreign) + kraj (country)

2. cudzoziemiec/cudzoziemka (pl cudzoziemcy)

cudzy (not mine) + ziemia (land)

Emigracja - emigrant/emigrantka
Imigracja - imigrant/imigrantka

I would like to present you some of the great iniciatives for foreigners or by foreigners in Poland.

Welcome Center in Warsaw - a place where you can get advice on legalizing employment or stay in Poland, search for contacts or take part in workshops for migrants.

Publications for foreigners that help to understand the complicated Polish law.

Kultilink - job portal for foreigners.

Los Polandos - a radio programme about Poland and Poles in the eyes of foreigners. Every Friday 11:00, radio TOK FM.

Kontynent Warszawa - a portal with all the information about multiculti events, places, institutions in Warsaw.

Foundation Inna Przestrzeń

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