9 maj 2010

Noc Muzeów 2010 - Museum Night Fever

The first Lange Nacht der Museen took place in Berlin in 1997. In the 2003 the idea came to Poland. Every year more and more institutions open for one night. The cultural offer is enormous.

On the 15/16th of May in many Polish cities there will be a lot to do, don't miss it! I warn - if you prefer to watch exhibitions in peace you will have no chance. Museums are crowded but the unique atmosphere counts! If the weather is good people just enjoy walking in the city center. Leave your car at home - in Warsaw there are many special buses besides it's worth to ride a bike (don't forget about the lights!).

Here you will find the programme for every city. The entrance is free:)

Apart from the museums I recommend you to visit for example Próżna street in Warsaw. It was Jewish before the WW II and somehow wasn't completely burnt down after the ghetto uprising in 1943. It's a ruined ghost street and traditionally a place of Jewish cultural events.

BTW remember that the word "noc" is feminine! That's why we say "dobrAnoc". The other option for "good night" is "dobrej nocy" because it's a wish and the Polish verb to wish ("życzyć") requires a noun in the form of the genitive.

Miłej nocy muzeów!:)

If you want to know more feminine nouns that end in a consonant check this.

2 komentarze:

  1. Have you been to this years event? I'm interested in what the have to offer in Warsaw. I went to the 'Noc Muzeów' last night in Wrocław and it was a fun time with definitely interesting atmospheres for Museums!

  2. The offer in Warsaw was enormous! Unfortunately, I was too exhausted after 2 days of the professional training. Besides I prefer to visit museums on the normal day when there are no queues:)