8 cze 2010

Poland on Expo 2010 and folk traditions

Today I would like to show you the Polish design on Expo 2010 in Shanghai. Three young architects (Wojciech Kakowski, Marcin Mostafa, Natalia Paszkowska) inspired by folk art did a great job. The pavilion resembles Polish paper cut-outs (wycinanka). Here you will find different examples of this tradition originally from central Poland. Simple women made these beautiful shapes. I remember doing it in my primary school but of course very simple ones.

If you don't know what souvenirs should you buy in Poland I recommend you for example these modern folk gadgets.

More photos from the inside of the pavilion here.

8 minutes 3D movie by Tomasz Bagiński „Animowana Historia Polski” - "The Animated History of Poland" was seen by many many visitors. It hasn't been showed yet in Poland. From the trailer it looks dramatically (only war and tribulation) but I read that's not everything. How do you like it?

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