30 cze 2010

Presidential campaign

Because of the tragedy in Smoleńsk the presidential campaign is very short this year. Candidates must be fast and don't have many occasions to fight. After the death of so many people they deliberately didn't want to be aggresive or use any usual dirty methods.

I avoid watching candidates on tv because they mostly pay lip service. Of course I don't expect them to fulfil their promises especially because the president in Poland hasn't a very strong position. The power is divided between him and the prime minister but the government has a lot more to say.

Even though the election itself is boring and debates are sometimes embarrasing the results will be very important. The early ballot wasn't a big surprise, according to the expectations won Bronisław Komorowski from Platforma Obywatelska (Civic Platform) but Jarosław Kaczyński from Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (Law and Justice*) was right behind him. They are both right-wing and conservative so there isn't a big choice. We choose between a bit more Europe-oriented and open-minded and the populist more concentrated on Poland, Catholic Church and peculiar patriotism. This is a conflict between so called III and IV Republic of Poland. It's quite important to see the difference between these numbers:

1) I RP (Rzeczpospolita Polska) - XV century - 1795
2) II RP - 1918 - 1939
3) III RP - 1989 - now
4) IV RP - a slogan used mostly by Law and Justice in order to differentiate from the III RP governance.

The map of people's votes is extremely interesting. Western and more developed Poland chose Komorowski and Eastern regions preferred Kaczyński. This line represents a border of Russia and Prussia when they ruled Poland. Not so much has changed during last 100 years.

Unfortunately the turnout in Poland is always too low but this year better (55%) than 5 years ago (50%). Many people remain indifferent and many don't want to choose between these two candidates. But after the early ballot there is a huge mobilization in the nation so maybe we'll see a much higher turnout this Sunday. It's always better to take part in the election. I will support Bronisław Komorowski
although he doesn't convince me at all. Maybe next time there will be a candidate for me...

* no English website - meaningful

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