14 lip 2010

EuroPride in Warsaw

EuroPride is the annual event organized by The European Pride Organisers Association (EPOA) - a network of European Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Organisations. It started in the 1992 in London and spread in the Western Europe. This summer for the first time EuroPride is organized in the more Eastern Europe. Until the 18th of July you can take part in many different events: conferences, clubbing, parade, film festival. The motto is “Liberty, Equality, Tolerance”.

In Poland LGBTQ rights are still a matter of discussion. Catholic organizations consider them as a danger for the church and families. Protests are loud but fortunately the authorities of Warsaw don't take them into consideration. I wonder how many people will protest during the parade, during the feminist marches there are always some black-dressed guys from nationalistic organizations.

I recommend you to come for the parade and just enjoy colorful diversity and peaceful manifestation. All the details on the official website.

I also invite you to the National Museum in Warsaw where for the first time you can see the exhibition Ars Homo Erotica. More info here.

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