30 lip 2010

Poles on holidays

Where do we spend holidays and what do we like to do?

As everywhere else the money is the most important factor. Generally not many people travel around the world, Poles explore cheaper destinations. During the PRL times you could only choose the Eastern bloc (in Polish “demoludy”) destinations - e.g. Bulgaria, Crimea or East Germany (in Polish NRD). Now a lot more popular for holidays are Western or Southern countries like Greece, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey (on the photo below). But after lovely holidays in Bulgaria I have to admit that many Poles go also there.

Poland is very beautiful and offers a lot regarding holidays but unfortunately if you're looking for 100% perfect weather it's better to go abroad. We even have a nice term for this – “pogoda barowa” – rainy and cloudy weather only for going to a bar.

Poles love Polish seaside – big beaches and clean sand. The only thing that spoils pleasure is the cold Baltic Sea. Sometimes you can swim but I recommend to take a wet suit with you. Where to go? It depends if you like crowds or not. The most popular cities are Sopot, Władysławowo, Krynica Morska, Jastarnia, Jastrzębia Góra, Łeba, Międzyzdroje. If you like water sports the best place is Hel – the peninsula. Below - not the prettiest beach in Łeba:

Mountains in the summer? Why not? It’s quite popular in Poland. Not only Zakopane – Karpacz, Muszyna, Szczawnica, Wisła, Ustrzyki Dolne...

Many people choose agroturystyka – rural houses or apartments for rent usually run by families. All over the country you can live healthy during holidays – eat regional food, drink fresh milk, wander or use a bike. Great not only for people with small kids or dogs – we like to escape from the city for a weekend. Close to Warsaw you can also find nice places to rest for a while in a friendly atmosphere. Host offer not only food but also horses, grills, campfires, workshops and sport equipment.

For people with any kind of health problems there are sanatoria. In sanatorium you will get medical treatment and spend time close to the nature. Most sanatoria have been renovated and have offers for foreigners. If you don’t suffer any health problems – not medical spas are highly recommendable. They are expensive but so elegant and all new.

And in summer music festivals attract a lot of people, at last Poland gains on the Western Europe: Open’er, Przystanek Woodstock, Castle Party, Coke Live Music Festival.

Useful vocabulary:

agroturystyka/gospodarstwo agroturystyczne - farm tourism
dom wczasowy = hotel (lower standard)
pensjonat - guesthouse
urlop - holidays from work (leave)
wczasy - holidays
wakacje - holidays
wyżywienie - food on holidays
wyżywienie własne - your own
zajazd - inn
zakwaterowanie - accomodation

And for those fluent in Polish - a funny article in "Gazeta Wyborcza" about complaining on holidays:)

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