29 sie 2010

Book guide part 4.

Recently I mentioned Steffen Möller - a very nice German guy who has chosen Poland for his home. His fluent Polish*, sense of humour and modesty made him popular in our country. He became a stand-up comedian and now jokes about Poles and Germans in Poland and Germany reducing mutual fears and stereotypes. He also played roles in Polish serials and took part in the well-known talk-show "Europa da się lubić".

I would like to encourage you to read his book about Poles and Poland "Polska da się lubić" (in Polish)/"Viva Polonia" (in German). It should be immediately translated into English and send by the Polish government all over the world. It’s funny, unpretentious and warm. You will get to know more about Polish mentality (virtues and imperfections) and customs from A (absurd) to Ż (życzliwość – kindliness). Recommendable also for Poles – great for curing our own complexes.

* he started to learn during his studies - you don't have to have Polish ancestors to achieve it:)

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