9 sie 2010

What a disappointment

Sorry for not writing for a while but I'm enjoying my time on holidays:)

I've been waiting for the animated history of Poland in 8 minutes ("Animowana historia Polski") shown on Expo 2010. You can see it on youtube. Unfortunately the movie is completely not worth seeing. Fights, blood, torment = boring "men's history". According to the author there was no interesting Polish women to show*. For a second you can see the university in Kraków and Copernicus. More about the Polish cultural life and ideas should be presented. If you don't know the Polish history I'm not sure if you understand anything from this animated version. I would put more about the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, passion for education, royal eleccions, Polish-Jewish famous people. It's not an easy task to show a lot in such a short time but it doesn't have to be so fast and violent. It's nice that Adam Mickiewicz is there but who will recognize him? So I'm still waiting for the short movie which presents Polish accomplishments, inventions, culture.

* Edit: I'm not alone, there's a page on Facebook about getting rid of women in this movie.

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  1. I've seen this too, the graphic design was great but yeah the content lacked. Also why couldn't they say what the events were that were being described?! Is a date going to tell me which foreign country poland is fighting in this particular battle out of the 7 they showed?
    Another thing I thought was strange was that most of it was taken up by 1000 - 1300, how did they expect to do justice to Poland's modern history in 3 minutes?