20 wrz 2010

Quick trip to Lublin

Last week I spent only one day in Lublin and in fact most of it in the museum of the Nazi death camp Majdanek (during the WW II called KL Lublin). I understand that not everybody wants to visit these kind of places but I always recommend to go.

For sure the guide is needed, the one which we had was perfect - could answer all the questions and really liked his job. For 3 hours we couldn't talk about everything and also because the area is quite big you should reserve more time for a walk. All the information there you will find in English.

This is the impressive monument - a gate to the camp:

What is unique in Majdanek are original gas chambers. In the other camps they were destroyed and rebuilt. As you can see the camp is in the city, houses are nearby:

In the Lublin district about 1,5 milion Jews were murdered. I've read a lot about the Shoah but I don't want to write here more now. Inside this enormous monument you can see a knoll made from ground with crumbled bones:

After visiting Majdanek I went to the beautiful Lublin Old Town. The castle has a very interesting architecture. You will find there many buildings in the renaissance style.

Because the act of creating the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was signed in Lublin in 1569 (called the Union of Lublin - Unia Lubelska) you can find there many references to the old Rzeczpospolita. For sure Lublin is worth seeing for more than one day.

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