1 wrz 2010

Where to eat cheaply in Warsaw?

It's not so easy to find a cheap and tasty bar. Probably it's also not so easy to find an expensive and delicious restaurant (restauracja). But if you're hungry (głodny) you don't have to eat hamburgers, there are many other places.

My personal preferences:

Bar Vega, ul. Jana Pawła II 36c. Great food not only for vegetarians. Big portions, you can make your own combinations. Also a shop with healthy food.

Kebab Sahara, ul. Krucza 51. Now in the new nicer localization. The best musaka in the world. Many types of kebab but also different dishes everyday.

Co Tu, ul. Nowy Świat 26/28 (pawilon 21). Vietnameses for Poland. Always crowded.

I still haven't found the perfect naleśnikarnia. There are very tasty eco naleśniki (pancakes) in Kukuryku, ul. Kopernika 25 but the interior and service need to be improved. If you're looking for the Polish style naleśniki (not thin French crepes) or pierogi try there.

And what to do if you're in the shoppping mall (centrum handlowe)? If it's Ikea, eat there. Not delicious but for these prices recommendable. It's rather a canteen (stołówka), during the weekends whole families form big queues. If there is no Ikea around and I'm terribly hungry I choose Salad Story or as a last resort Wiking with too expensive Polish food.

There are also Polish-style bars called bar mleczny. They have nothing to do with milk, Polish dishes are served there. You will find good food for example in Bambino, ul. Krucza 21 or Sady, ul. Krasińskiego 36. I don't eat there probably because I had Polish cuisine for many years for lunch (obiad), my grandma cooked perfectly for me.

And what are your types?

Useful vocabulary:

dziękuję - thank you
proszę - please. Proszę 2 kebaby / 2 kebaby proszę.
smaczny - tasty
smacznego! - bon appetit!

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