18 paź 2010

Beautiful Polish autumn - a trip

Piękna polska jesień

In Poland we really think that our autumn is perfect (when it doesn't rain). This year we've had sunny weather for 2 weeks which was very nice. Leaves are full of colour, you can collect chestnuts or acorns and enjoy different aromas. Having in mind the approaching awful winter I went on a weekend very close to Warsaw to catch the last cool days (above zero). I spent 2 nights in a stud. Horses are quite a reliable alarm clock:) The Chopin’s year is getting to an end and I decided to went back to the Chopin’s family house in Żelazowa Wola near Sochaczew (Soho;). The manor house itself isn’t very interesting but the park and the surrounding modern buildings are really worth seeing. Here are my photos:

More info about the museum you will find here. I recommend also a Polish restaurant in front of the Chopin’s parents residence. Food is correct, interior is cosy and peaceful. You can rest there and charge your batteries for the following attractions.

I also went to Nieborów to see the impressive magnate residence. It was built in the 1694 and fortunately preserved until today. You can visit decorative interiors and 2 big parks – one at the residence and the second in Arkadia (a few kilometers towards Łowicz). Łowicz is an old interesting city with a lot of churches, known by its folklore and food industry. A short walk can be also pleasant.

I also wanted to see the unique fortified church in Brochów, a place were Fryderyk Chopin was baptized. Now renovated.

In Sochaczew you will also find the museum of the narrow gauge railway and the municipal and historical museum.

Have I encouraged you to go? Mazowsze is for sure worth exploring:)

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