7 lis 2010

11.11 Fascism shall not pass


The 11th of November is the Polish Independence Day. On the 11.11.1918 Poland regained independence and after 123 years reappeared on the map of Europe. It was the end of the WW I. But today I don't want to write about the history. Every year this optimistic event is recalled by solemn celebrations - the army marches and presidential speeches. But unfortunately it's also the occasion for marginal radical groups to walk on the streets. Many people and organizations consider it as dangerous and want to protest. This is what is written in the manifesto:

"As every year on November 11, nationalists and neo-fascists from various organizations are planning a march through the streets of Warsaw. We do not want the supporters of xenophobic and racist ideology, who proudly refer to the pre-war organizations of openly fascist sympathies, to again pass through the capital. Remembering the past, we believe that the growing national movement must be opposed. For two years now, we have been trying to block this march. We will stop it only if there will be many of us.

We are a group of different people and organizations. We share an idea of resistance against fascism. We are planning a demonstration on the route of the fascist march. We want to physically block it. We will use our civil rights. We invite all residents of Warsaw and all who want to come to Warsaw, to take part in active opposition to the fascists. We look forward to your participation in the preparations, to your arrival to Warsaw on time and at the place proposed by us. We hope you to prepare banners and inform friends about our activities. We count on your presence".

If it's also important for you take part and tell your friends!

People gather in Krakowskie Przedmieście close to św. Anna church at 13.30.

We want no fascism in Poland and anywhere else!

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  2. Dear Paulina, I saw the fascist and antifascist activists in action on the street last year and I think both groups are crazy. Besides the antifascists are stupid as they try to invite people to their action with the leaflets they glue and stick on windows of the cars belonging to normal, neutral people like me.

  3. I don't know how it was last year but this year the antifascist coalition is big and consists of many different groups. Of course some of people might be crazy and use controversial methods but the idea is worth supporting.