4 lis 2010

Akcja "Znicz" - The "Candle" Action

Every year during the first days of November there is lot of car accidents. Poles kill themselves on the roads all year but in this specific time you can see how dangerous is to use a car in Poland. A lot of policemen monitor the roads and control cars in the akcja "Znicz" but the statistics are far from optimistic. It's not getting better.

What are the reasons?

1) Bad roads. Of course a lot of kilometres of highways have been built but it's still not enough. In my opinion new roads will be too expensive for an average driver. Local roads are dark and often have no signs.

2) Foolhardiness. In Poland abiding by the road rules is still considered as stupid. How can you do 50 km/h in the city? 110 km/h on the highway? Ridiculous. Drivers are always in a hurry. Besides they have better and better cars so why not show off?

3) Alcohol. Embarrasing. This year during the All Saints weekend 1880 drunk drivers were caught. So many years of promotion the sobriety, severe penalties (above 0,5 per mille of alcohol in blood may be punished by 2 years of imprisonment) and the results are poor.

In Poland you can have 0,19 per mille, 0,2 is punished. Our neighbours choose the more strict option, in Belarus, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia and Ukraine only 0,00 is possible!

I can only add BE CAREFUL!

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