15 lis 2010

Poland - a highly developed country?

It had been my plan to write on the new UN Human Development Index report and the 41st place of Poland but a friendly blogger did it faster. I don't want to repeat everything so please read this text. I also recommend you this very interesting website with a lot of Polish recipes!

I'm happy that humanistic and economical factors show that Poland is considered as a highly developed country. The development is fast, our cites are safe and more elegant, Poles live longer, travel and buy more things. The future seen from the capital city is optimistic but we also should pay attention to the huge social problems. Well, I'm a Pole, so I must complain a little bit;) The picture isn't so wonderful. The tendencies are the same all over the world - some people are more affluent but in the same time poor people are poorer. Still many children like to go to school because they can eat there a meal. Unemployment and the lack of opportunities are a big problem in the smaller communities. The civil society is arising but many people choose no commitment in the local or public matters. The “liberal” government has no idea how to deal with the public debt and raises VAT to 23% from the next year. Why it’s so difficult to spend more on education, research and development? Poles are enterprising, they just need knowledge, favourable working conditions and a creativity booster. School education still consists in learning encyclopaedia by heart and how to pass exams. Media like to follow public debates on completely unimportant discussions like crosses or personal games in political parties. But on Sunday we have the local elections and can decide!

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