19 lis 2010

Polish music 2010

To be honest it's not easy to be up-to-date with the newest Polish music. In the radio you can hear mostly good old hits and the Western music. In Poland radio stations are obliged to play Polish music during at least 33% of the time (it's a ridiculous law or you have it also in your countries??). But as they don't enjoy it or think that people don't want to listen it's played at nights. It's not better on television so Internet has become the first and last source.

My favourite music is rather mainstream. I can't stand that now the appearance of singers starts to play the more significant role than their voice or talent. People with no skills are promoted in order to make money. Why do we have to listen to this?

I picked some examples of the Polish music 2010 that I listen to, maybe you could add some more? What do you like?

1) Monika Brodka "W pięciu smakach"

The song inspired by the Far East in Warsaw (food, markets). Great lyrics, modesty, humour, interesting video. Bravo! The new album is more individual than the previous one, hopefully she will keep doing this.

2) 3R (Robert M, Dirty Rush, Remo) "Shine on"

The video is the real American style nightmare. Produced by men for men, with almost naked girls with no facial expression. But I like the beat. The comments below are terrific:) Poles are very critical about themselves and always find fault!

3) Kayah & Royal Quartet "Wiosna przyjdzie i tak"

Kayah it's a real star. Her old songs are super hits in Poland: "Fleciki", "Supermenka", "Testosteron". With Goran Bregovic she did "Prawy do lewego", "Tabakiera" and many more. In 2010 she recorded her hits for the second time with the Royal Quartet. More info you will find here. The song "Wiosna przyjdzie i tak" was a promoting singel. Originally comes from the movie "Przedwiośnie".

EDIT: I had a request to translate the last lyrics so here it is. I'm not a translator and I'm open to your ideas how to do it better.

Kayah - “The spring will come anyway”

You wanted to rustle as a tree
Race in the sky as a young wind
Today the sky is so low
That you must bow down

Although your world has ruined
The spring will come anyway

If you’ve made a mistake
The youth will absolve you
If you’ve stopped believing this
The time teaches us hope

Although your world has ruined
The spring will come anyway

6 komentarzy:

  1. no laws on national music exist, now a radio station is obliged to play 1. to the audience of the listeners and 2. from the owners, managers, and C.E.O.'s there are maybe 40-50 types of music and every sqaure inch of listening area is covered by multiple music types. gangster rap and slow country maybe your only choice in some cities, no radio music is controlled by any laws or political parties, its the ultimate choice of the owner after doing in depth studies in trends of the listening area. that goes back many years....and can change from alternative music to classical big band groups overnight

  2. above post is for united states

  3. Kayah & Royal Quartet "Wiosna przyjdzie i tak"....i dont know any word in the polish language but the music enters your body thru the heart, i have no idea what they say but it cuts me so deep, my throat gets sore and my eyes water...and i cant make out a darn thing they say but....this is surely a blessing from the highest order. thank-you indeed.

  4. I feel this song exactly the same way ;) Thank you for nice words!

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