11 gru 2010

My first pierogi

As you probably know pierogi (singular – pieróg [pieruk]) is a Polish typical dish. It’s a dough made of flour and water stuffed with anything you like. We boil them and sometimes fry after in a pan. In Poland there’s no tradition of baking pierogi like in many other countries.

What Poles like to put inside of pierogi?

Traditional pierogi:

1) Pierogi ruskie z białym serem i ziemniakami – “Russian” type with Polish white cheese and boiled potatoes
2) Pierogi z mięsem – with meat (beef or chicken or different mixed)
3) Pierogi z kapustą i grzybami – with sauerkraut (sour cabbage) and dried mushrooms. Served on the Christmas Eve

Other (great for vegetarians or vegans):

1) Pierogi ze szpinakiem – with spinach
2) Pierogi z soczewicą – with lens
3) Pierogi z kaszą gryczaną – with buckwheat groats

Sweet (accompanied with cream):

1) Pierogi z serem – with white cheese and sometimes raisins
2) Pierogi z truskawkami – with strawberries
3) Pierogi z jagodami – with berries

Feel free to experiment with different stuffling!

In my family grandma is the person who always makes and distributes pierogi. I’ve never had a motivation to try my own. But the time has come! I chose a recipe with not just water and flour but also a little bit of fat (olive oil) and yolk.

I will not give you the amounts because I failed;) My dough wasn’t sticky enough and pierogi were difficult to seal. That’s why I recommend to use only boiling water and flour. Nevertheless I didn’t want to throw away the dough! I decided to try to bake pierogi in the oven. I made small ones (now more similar to cakes) with a rose jam from Bulgaria and one big pieróg with broccoli, onion and blue cheese. And it was not only edible but also tasty! Not exactly Polish but never mind. So if something goes wrong don’t feel discouraged! They look not so bad:)

It’s easier to watch than just read so I recommend to take a look on youtube. Here you will find a recipe for pierogi in Polish and here in English.


8 komentarzy:

  1. very good blog congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  2. Hello Paulina, interesting blog. I also am learning to cook Polish food and I can make a fairly good bigos, passable barzscz and a decent kotlet. But, the pastry! the pastry! I find making pierogi very difficult to get right. my observation would be it's the epitome of "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again." as only understanding how the pastry needs to look visually is the key to gettingmoist enough to roll and pinch whilst ensuring it's durable enough to hold the filling. Still, the most important thing is the taste of course!

  3. Cześć Paddy, dzięki!

    I'm sure we both make perfect naleśniki:) Sure, I will try again with pierogi. I will use only water and flour. I recommend you trying ryba po grecku, easy and delicious!

  4. I have been fascinated with pieroge in the past few years and have experimented a lot with different fillings. These are just some of the things I've used and done:

    -Stuffed with a turkey dressing (bread stuffing) and then served with turkey gravy.

    -Stuffed with homemade chicken sausage (ground chicken and spices), then deep fried and tossed in Buffalo Wing Sauce (spicy cayenne based sauce)--a very American thing

    Stuffed with Sweet Potatoes mixed with some onion, garlic, and spices, and served with a sage/brown butter.

    -Apple pie, stuffed with chopped apples, some cinammon and spices, chopped nuts, etc.

    -shrimp stuffed (chopped shrimp, onion, cabbage) served with a soy sauce.

    -crab (chopped crab with parsley and garlic).

    --bread pudding stuffed pierogi served with a warm bourbon creme sauce.

    As you can guess, my imagination runs wild at times!

  5. Paulina, when I first got married I decided I was going to make some pierogi. I thought they came out quite well for the first time try. Dough was not tough and did not fall apart. (don't remember if I made potatoe or kapusta but kapusta is my fav...it was along long time ago) maybe some beginners luck. Anyway it took me all day and all I got was 12 pierogi for all that time and work. Needless to say that was the first and last time I made them. Depended on my mom for them when I needed a peirogi fix.

  6. Lake Mary Food Critic and Anonimowy, thanks for sharing your experience! Imagination should always run wild:)

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