28 sty 2011

New political movement

Usually I don’t write here about politics. The everyday live show in the parliament and media makes me feel sick. Media give too much space to mediocre people and their fruitless talks. After the plane crash in Smoleńsk day by day we observe political fights. Many Poles are tired of the constant funeral, confrontations with Russians and right-wing conspiracy theories.

Voting in the presidential and parliamentary elections was always rather an inconvenient duty for me. There was no real power which responded to my expectations. It’s quite popular in Poland to vote against, not in favour. But I really would like to see a change and at least try to trust somebody. So I cheer on the new association created by the former PO* member and a very interesting person Janusz Palikot. He was born in 1964 in small Biłgoraj, studied philosophy in Warsaw, was a very successful businessman and a generous patron. In PO he was always different, daring and brutal for stupidity, hypocrisy and incuriosity. Sometimes his remarks were offhand but in general I tolerate him because he’s very smart. His association is called Ruch Poparcia Palikota (the Palikot’s Support Movement) and he’s planning to establish a party. Now he looks for support and sponsorship all around the country. Formal structures already exist and I joined the association.

The next parliamentary elections will be held in October so the new political party might have chances. If PO doesn’t do any significant reforms, people will be very disappointed. Of course many people hate Palikot for many different reasons but I believe he can convince those who never vote.

Now the main slogan is “Gospodarka jest najważniejsza” (“the economy is the most important”). What exactly does Palikot want to change? He’s programme is very liberal regarding the Polish state: he wants to see secular Poland and cut down privileges of the church (financial and in the process of decision making). For Poles it means a lot: restore the right to have legal abortion, introduce a real sex education at schools, create civil partnerships for every sexual orientation. He’s fought for the reduction of bureaucracy in the parliamentary “Friendly State” Committee and wants to strengthen the citizens. He’s against the Polish military mission in Afghanistan and would like to locate the money for the army in culture.

More about his programme you will find here.

Even if he doesn’t succeed, I want you to know that this kind of movement in Poland exists.

* Platforma Obywatelska, the ruling party

8 komentarzy:

  1. I've quite enjoyed Palikot's balance of complete slander and vicious innuendo, but I would label him an archetypal 'vote against' politician: even 'the economy is most important' is obviously satirisation. I don't personally see changing no-voters into voters-against to be a political improvement, just great TV.

  2. Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward: they may be beaten but they start a winning game!


  3. The slogan is of course a reference to "Polska jest najważniejsza" but it doesn't mean it's empty and just satire. People probably won't understand why the economy is the most important but we'll see how the billboards affect polls.

    Thanks Anonimowy:)

  4. PO bangs on about the economy. Kaczyński was on a stage on TV yesterday in front of a sign about the economy. On the other hand, I find nothing on the website to put Palikot in a position as economic reformer - see www.ruchpoparcia.co/postulaty, which I found most disappointing. How can anyone with a banner of 'the economy is most important' completely forget about it in his underlying principles. The slogan is important, I agree, but what is there to convince me that Palikot's use of it is anything other than purely satirical?

    Before looking at that, I was wondering what he would have to do to create a new public persona, though which he could become a serious candidate for important economic leadership here. After looking at it, I decided he still doesn't care. I find this sad, but that seems to be the way he is. Good for him, even if it's bad for us.

    Thanks for your reply.

  5. Palikot is just rich kid playing with politics, stop giving him attention he doesn't deserves.

    He had chances to make doing business in Poland easier, when he was leading the commision "Przyjazne Państwo" - instead of doing sth, he wsa showing in TV with dildo, or making fun of Kaczyński (which is ok with me, but I don't need politicians to do that).

    And he is from Lublin, and did nothing when there was decision to be made about very important investitions concerning Lubelszczyzna. No votes from Lublin for mr Palikot next time, I think.

  6. It's not my point to convince you:) But I really believe he isn't satirical in this new role.

    Something on economy you will find here: http://www.ruchpoparcia.co/files/content/2011.01/file/rp.file.3429.231.pdf. I agree - not comprehensive but it's just a general plan.

    He made a lot in "Przyjazne Państwo" but media are more interested in political fights, so nobody knows much about it. Many acts have got stuck in other commisions.

  7. I have been following Palikot and his doings for a long time and I am simply filled with wonder that such a figure can exist on the Polish political scene. I wish him well, and I hope that he can make an impact and affect the political balance.
    I would have difficulty casting my vote for any of the established parties in Poland (or in the UK, US, or other stuck-in-a-rut political morasses). Palikot represents a liberating breath of fresh air.

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