2 sty 2011

Sylwester - the last party of the year

On the 31st of December in Poland we celebrate the name day of Sylwester. That’s why the New Year’s Eve is called Sylwester. We usually don’t celebrate it with families. Teenagers as soon as possible start to prepare parties on their own. All you need is some alcohol, music and friends (or maybe the other way round;). You can also add fireworks, balloons and have a party outdoor or indoor. Many cities organise concerts, so if you’re not cold you can enjoy Sylwester in the crowd. You can also go to a club or ball, that special night is always a lot more expensive than any other.

The 31st of December is a working day but usually everybody ends earlier and shops are open until 4-5 p.m. The 1st is a day off and you can cure your hangover – in Polish KAC (from German). From 2011 also the 6th of January is a day off so you can have very long holidays.

Mountains is a very popular destination for Sylwester or a period from the 24th of December. In Poland you can ski in many places, so not only Zakopane is recommendable. You should reserve your stay a lot earlier!

There are also unusual ways of spending Sylwester or the 1st of January. Some people like to take a very cold bath. We call such a person mors (walrus). Every year they like to get into the freezing water (sea or lake). Some are even quite good in it. Check this video.

We also think about the New Year’s resolutions – in Polish postanowienia noworoczne. Many people don’t like them - prefer not to plan anything or claim that every moment is good for a change. It’s funny that Poles are rather pessimists and moan on every occasion but they really believe that the next year will be better. At least it can’t be worse than the last one;) I wish you of course the same! I have a great song for you, especially for this period of the year, about our traditional dish BIGOS:)) They aren't serious, just pretend to wear golden chains;)

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