2 mar 2011

Placki/racuchy z jabłkami

I promised to write about them and I had to make them to take pictures. A very easy and quick dish, for lunch or dessert.

Placki z jabłkami are very similar to the American pancakes but they have fruits inside. In Poland we traditionally add apples but they can also taste very well with bananas, strawberries etc. You can also make them with vegetables: zucchini or pumpkin (with salt, pepper and herbs).

The dough is the same as for pancakes (naleśniki) but it’s thicker and you add baking powder or whip whites. My last placki were very flat, probably I added too little baking powder. Don’t be confused with the pattern on the sugar, it was the next layer of placki.

200 grams of flour
2 eggs
1,5 cup of milk/kefir/yoghurt/zsiadłe mleko (set milk)
3 apples
1 teaspoon of baking powder
powdered sugar

Also possible: vanilla flavour, cinnamon

Put all dry ingredients into a bowl, add milk, eggs and mix. Peel apples and cut them into thin slices. Put chopped apples in the dough and fry on hot oil. Sprinkle placki with powdered sugar. Warm are delicious so eat right off. Great also with cream and jam. Smacznego!

P.S. "Placki" is a very good example of the pronunciation of "c" in Polish. It's always ts, never k. And when c and k are neighbours, we must read both [platski].

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