20 mar 2011

Polenorientiert – a conference in Warsaw

I write a blog only in English but it doesn’t mean I don’t like the other languages. I also have a heart for Roman languages and German. I’m really interested in the past and future relations of Poland and Germany.

One of my old students and a friend Lukas Becht told me about the conference in Warsaw “Polenorientiert. Why Poland is an interesting country for Germans?". It’s a sociological conference about the contemporary relations between the two countries. Lukas will have a speech about the politics, hopefully I will be able to listen to him. Fingers crossed (in Polish trzymam kciuki!) for him.

It’s a fact that more and more Germans visit Poland and learn Polish. In some areas we are very similar and in other different. I will always claim that the languages are comparable. For sure Germans have a brain for the Polish grammar and learn fast (of course the motivation is crucial:). I find the idea of this conference very interesting.

When? 31.03.-3.04.2011
Where? The University of Warsaw
Entrance is free. More info here.

To prove that I did something for Poland in Germany I enclose a photo from the fair in Stuttgart in 2009. Putting these brochures there was a self-appointed initiative and perhaps not exactly legal. But maybe somebody have become interested in Poland?

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