13 mar 2011

Polish films in English - even more!

Once again a great initiative in Warsaw! The best Polish films with English subtitles.

Every Monday at 19:00 in Stare Miasto, ul. Jezuicka 4. Kino Alchemia. Tickets: 13 zł.

(theoretically every Monday but there’s no programme for the rest of March)

14.03.2011: ZIEMIA OBIECANA / PROMISED LAND - A. Wajda, 1974, 18:00!!!
04.04.2011: ZEZOWATE SZCZĘSCIE / BAD LUCK – A. Munk, 1960
11.04.2011: MATKA JOANNA OD ANIOŁÓW / MOTHER JOAN OF THE ANGELS – J. Kawalerowicz, 1961
18.04.2011: REWERS / REVERSE – B. Lankosz, 2009
09.05.2011: REJS / THE CRUISE – M. Piwowski, 1970
23.05.2011: POPIÓŁ I DIAMENT / ASHES AND DIAMONDS – A. Wajda, 1958
06.06.2011: SAMI SWOI / OUR FOLKS – A. Mularczyk, 1967
20.06.2011: NÓŻ W WODZIE / KNIFE IN THE WATER – R. Polański, 1962

My tips? Definitely old Wajda “Ziemia obiecana” and “Popiół i diament”. “Rejs” and “Nóż w wodzie” are also perfect. Just see all! More about the films here.

EDIT: Also the second institution in Warsaw organizes the Polish films in English. Filmoteka Narodowa offers the cycle THE BEST OF POLISH MOVIES. I should write “offered” because the last film will have Spanish subtitles. But it makes it even more interesting. On the 23rd of March you can see “Kobieta z prowincji” – “Mujer de provincias”. More info here.

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  1. I would add Jerzy Skolimowski to this list. He has a wide range: film director, screen writer, actor, not to mention poet and painter, and "funny guy". Probably best known in the West for his English language films: "Moonlighting" and the recent "An Essential Killing" among others. He retired from film making a few years ago, but now made a come-back. At a speech at the Cannes Film Festival he made this comment: "To those who like me, I'm back. To those who don't like me, I'm back".

  2. I've seen "Ferdydurke" and "4 noce z Anną", both good. I must see "Moonlighting".