7 kwi 2011

“66 - dobre, bo polskie” on tv

I’m not a fan of television but today I would like to introduce you a very funny programme about the Polish culture. “66 - dobre, bo polskie” (“66 - Good Because Polish” or “The Best Made in Poland”) reviews Polish customs, icons and products. 66 topics are commented by Polish celebrities from different fields. Smart and amusing, informative also for Poles. It’s available only in Polish, I think the Polish government should translate it and spread. If you have the Polish channel tvn style you can watch it for example on Wednesday at 18:00 or on Friday 22:15.

You can also watch the first two parts on youtube. Search “The Best Made in Poland” and download immediately because probably it will disappear soon. I also recommend to watch other tvn programmes online on VOD for example “Rozmowy w toku” or “Kuchenne rewolucje”.

2 komentarze:

  1. Haha... Sounds good and funny. Not much distance to themselves though.
    Think I'm gonna find a translation for it.

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