14 kwi 2011

Julius Fromm, condoms and the promotion of Konin

Thanks to the great event performed by Stowarzyszenie Akcja Konin many Poles (including me) found out that there was somebody like Julius Fromm. This Jewish entrepreneur was born in Konin (in the middle of today’s Poland) in 1883. His family moved to Berlin in order to look for work. Fromm became a chemist and worked on the rubber. He believed that future belongs to condoms and invented latex. Until that time condoms were very “natural” – pig or sheep guts were used for example. They were expensive and unreliable - didn’t protect from STIs and limited pleasure. So we can say that modern condoms in a way come from Poland:) Julius Fromm created a condom empire, established many manufactures and made a fortune. In Germany condoms were even called fromms.

He was naturalised in 1920 and acquired German citizenship. His life in the times of the rising Nazi’s threat was for sure very challenging. The Nazis didn’t murder him but stole all his property. He spent the WW II in London and died a few days after the liberation. More about him and his empire you can read here.

Surprisingly, in the XXI century condoms remain a taboo in Poland. You can easily buy them in a shop, gas station or pharmacy but adults still would like to protect young people from them. Condom vending machines are considered as evil. When Akcja Konin put a giant condom on the old monument in Konin many were disgusted. I love the idea! The promotion has had a great impact in the media. The grandson of Julius Fromm will come to Poland:)

The subject of sex education is very close to my heart and for sure I will write about it more. It’s not easy to live in a Catholand;)

The best condom ad is 100% not Polish, much too liberal for Poles;) On youtube of course.

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